Kosher Catering: Fresh Ideas Sure to Impress

A wedding is an important milestone in anyone’s life. You invest time and money for the preparation to make it memorable and catering is an integral part of the wedding preparation process.

When it comes to the your wedding guests enjoying themselves, your menu will play a big part in their memories, you want to make sure that you don’t hold back on building the perfect wedding menu. Kosher catering is an excellent opportunity for you to impress guests with a slew of fresh ideas and tastes that will leave them talking about the food long after the wedding is over.

Kosher Wedding Catering Inspiration

Kosher wedding catering has significantly evolved over the years. It is a great option for couples to wow guests with flavors and presentation techniques that they haven’t seen before in other weddings. If you want to make every detail count on your wedding menu, you can try out a few ideas to impress your guests.

The great thing about Kosher catering is that it is versatile and can be incorporated into any menu styles. Whatever your preferences might be, there’s no need to sacrifice flavor and style when you abide by the Kosher law.

Hors D’oeuvres

This is an important part of your wedding menu because it sets the tone for the whole dining experience. You can provide your guests with a selection of vegetarian options and meat snacks. Sample food ideas include canapés with salmon, potato cakes, crostinis, and risotto balls.

Main Course

The main event in any wedding menu, and catering options here include a wide range of options to fit into your wedding theme. Some of the popular options include veal chop, prime rib, filet mignon, beef satay, or filet mignon. If you prefer other vegetarian options, you can also offer your guests with the following food options: vegetable soufflés, kugel, or eggplant quiche.

Drinks and Refreshments

Cocktails and drinks are a crucial part of your wedding menu. When choosing what drinks and cocktails to serve your guests, make sure to take note of these factors: they can be non-additive, unflavored, and non-alcoholic. When serving wines and beers, look for ones with the seal of kosher certification.

Sweet Table

There are several food ideas you can incorporate to your sweet table. You can provide a station for crepes wherein guests can choose from a selection of toppings such as fruits and sauces. You can also put assorted miniature French pastries like crème puffs, croissants, and eclairs.

Kosher Catering – Understanding the Fundamentals

Building the menu for Kosher-style wedding should be based on the fundamental elements of this catering style. While you can find several inspirational ideas above, the most important thing to remember is you must abide by the ground rules. There are a few Kosher observances to keep in mind – from food preparation, to choosing the ingredients, etc. These rules can be overwhelming for anyone who has no background or is new to Kosher catering.

You can make your life easy by working with experienced Kosher caterers L’amour Catering, leaving the experts to handle all the planning, preparation and presentation. If you can find Kosher event professionals to oversee your wedding, that would help ensure that every element meets your requirements.

Don’t Sacrifice Style

Kosher catering, just like any other type of catering, is an art form. The culinary art is also involved in keeping the presentation of the food delectable. As most chefs would say, people eat with their eyes first. You can use these pointers in building your ideal Kosher catering menu style:

  •         Present food in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It is important to mix things up to excite the eyes and the palate. When food is presented in creative ways, it makes them more appetizing. Uniformity equates to boring presentation. Try to vary things up!
  •         Display food at an elevation. A one-level display will look boring on your catering table. Using multi-level display will create more visual impact. The use of props to add aesthetic value is also a great technique to use.
  •         Style your Kosher catering table around your theme. Every wedding has a theme. Think about your theme when decorating your catering table. For instance, you can think about specific color schemes that will go well with that theme. You can incorporate these colors in building your menu and creating a beautiful presentation around it.
  •         Think about the linens and utensils, too. They are a crucial element of your Kosher catering style on your wedding.

Choosing the Right Team

You need to put together a team of event professionals that have experience and knowledge on Kosher wedding preparation. This will make it easier to realize your vision for your dream wedding. The first step is to find Kosher caterers. They can supply you with menu ideas that are exciting and innovative without sacrificing flavor.


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