Kosher Caterer Sydney & Australia Wide

With L’amour catering’s foray into the Kosher market came a much needed shake up of the existing food landscape. Bringing a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of hospitality paired with a strong background working in high end restaurants meant L’amour was in a unique position to offer something unparalleled in Kosher catering in Sydney.

Our approach to Kosher catering is consistent with our overall vision of creating new tastes and trends and converting them into unique ideas that reflect each individual clients' feel and style. We place great quality and care into our ingredients and we believe that food should be fresh and sourced locally where possible, following the seasons.

Our Kosher Credentials

Over the years L’amour has developed a loyal clientele who have come to rely on outstanding food and seamless event execution earning a place as Sydney’s prestige kosher caterer. We collaborate with leading planners and have well regarded relationships with major venues across Sydney and beyond.

We have been honoured to be a part of many special family Simchas as well as delivering a premium service for larger communal functions up to 900 pax for all major charitable organizations such as JNF, OBK, Jewish House, F.R.E.E and Magen David Adon.

Under the supervision of The Kashrut Authority, L’amour catering offers a bespoke service, delivering specialized menus utilizing the best available seasonal produce with an innovative approach based on time-honored traditions.

kosher chicken pistachio
kosher catering olive pomegranate
kosher catering option salmon
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  • "Thanks so much for the incredible evening. The feedback about the food, the atmosphere, and the flow of the event has been beyond belief. We could not have asked for anything better, I could never have imagined that everyone would have such an amazing time."
    Andrew, Groom
  • "We want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did feeding our guests at our wedding.  It was a totally fabulous night filled with deliciousness on every level.  We are ridiculously grateful for your hard work and efforts in making our night so wonderful."
    Amy & Olli, Bride & Groom
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