John believes that food should follow the seasons and that produce quality and care for ingredients is paramount - sourcing locally wherever possible. When it comes to catering, the service of food should have a sense of theatre, incorporating our principles of provenance, bold flavours and abundance.

Our bespoke nature means every menu we create is unique. We cover all food styles inclusive of Canapes, buffet to table, banquet, food stations, plated courses, shared food and grazing tables.

At L’amour we are proud to call some of Sydney’s finest Chef’s our friends, we love to couple our expertise in the wedding arena with their culinary prowess. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Justin North. Justin is available to consult on your menu for the upcoming season.

We are privileged to be a part of society that celebrates all couples, cultures and religions, to this end we pride ourselves on being culturally adept with a wealth of experience delivering specialized menus that cover any cultural requirements with certification for Kosher and Halal.

Take a look at some of our Real Weddings to see some of our concepts brought to life.

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” -Alan D. Wolfelt


We may not be able to hold your hand down the aisle but we can hold it all the way through the process.

Food is an experience, for us it’s the heart and soul of every kosher event, though when it comes to planning your special day we appreciate it can be completely overwhelming. Our experience means we can simplify the process. We’ll guide you through developing your dream menu, from the first draft to tasting to the final reveal.

At our initial meeting we’ll get to know a little about you and what your ideal event looks like, we’ll discuss your food style preferences and show you through some options that we think will suit. We’ll briefly touch on dates, budgets, collaborations and venues just to give us an overall idea of your bigger picture.

From here we’ll deliver an indicative menu and proposal based on our notes, we’ll go back and forwards until it’s perfect.

Once everyone is happy and we lock in your date we meet again to taste items from your menu to finesse any final details.

Our initial discussions and meetings are free from obligation.

  • Our brisket brioche sliders are a crowd favourite, these went down a treat on the weekend! #kosher #koshercatering #simcha
  • A snapshot of the bountiful buffet for Sadie’s Batty, Mazel Tov.
  • Sometimes simple is just as special 👌 #summersalad #sydneycatering #specialevents #celebration #kosher #kosherfood #koshercatering
  • "It was a pleasure working together, from the time of our first phone call, and later meeting. Your creative ideas were great, incorporating our mutual preference for mainly using seasonal produce, and designing the menu around some of Ben’s favourite foods, resulted in a wonderful meal."
  • "Thanks so much for the incredible evening. The feedback about the food, the atmosphere, and the flow of the event has been beyond belief. We could not have asked for anything better, I could never have imagined that everyone would have such an amazing time."
    Andrew, Groom
  • "We want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did feeding our guests at our wedding.  It was a totally fabulous night filled with deliciousness on every level.  We are ridiculously grateful for your hard work and efforts in making our night so wonderful."
    Amy & Olli, Bride & Groom
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