L’amour Catering founder and creative director John Mulligan has spent the last 21 years refining his skills in restaurants and catering and has developed a true love for creating fine food for events. Early in his career he apprenticed as a chef at three chef’s hat restaurants in Sydney, where he learnt the fundamentals that underpin his food philosophy.

Whilst many of his alumni went on to helm their own restaurant kitchens, John made the move to catering, preferring the ever-changing landscape of events over the routine of a kitchen. It’s made for an interesting journey, over the year’s he has seen and done it all – from catering for International music and film stars to politicians and high net worth clients, from back yards to ballrooms, large scale music festivals to glittering galas and charity events. Through it all, he has learnt that his real passion lies with Weddings.

“I love the process, I am a family man myself and something about the ones you love coming together, working collaboratively on the food for such a special day really appeals to me.”

With weddings in focus, L’amour Catering is at the forefront of developing new tastes and trends and translating them into unique ideas that reflect the feel of each individual client.

We aim to be your greatest resource, our team thrives on collaboratively working through the brief to deliver an experience beyond expectation.

We care about Creating exceptional food, moments and memories for your special day.

Meet Our Team

John Mulligan L'amour Catering Founder and Creative Director
Jen Wakelin L'amour Catering
Jen Wakelin Marketing Manager
  • "It was a pleasure working together, from the time of our first phone call, and later meeting. Your creative ideas were great, incorporating our mutual preference for mainly using seasonal produce, and designing the menu around some of Ben’s favourite foods, resulted in a wonderful meal."
  • "Thanks so much for the incredible evening. The feedback about the food, the atmosphere, and the flow of the event has been beyond belief. We could not have asked for anything better, I could never have imagined that everyone would have such an amazing time."
    Andrew, Groom
  • "We want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did feeding our guests at our wedding.  It was a totally fabulous night filled with deliciousness on every level.  We are ridiculously grateful for your hard work and efforts in making our night so wonderful."
    Amy & Olli, Bride & Groom
  • "Our amazing caterer was John Mulligan from L'amour Catering. He allowed us and helped us create our own menu from scratch and our guests were so impressed at the standard of food."
    Nikki & Jeremy, Bride & Groom
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