At L’amour Catering, we understand that every occasion is a cherished opportunity for celebration. Whether it’s a large communal event, a corporate lunch or dinner, or an extravagant wedding or mitzvah, we recognize the importance of establishing a profound connection with our clients first. Our philosophy revolves around prioritizing the creation of a meaningful relationship, enabling us to comprehend needs and craft a stress-free event tailored to goals, resulting in an exceptional and memorable guest experience.

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The Best Venues

We have earned the trust of Sydney’s most prestigious 5-star venues, where we are appreciated for our deep logistics experience, teamwork, and culinary skills blending tradition and innovation.

Recognition & Awards

With accolades including the coveted titles of ‘Best New Caterer’ and ‘Best Wedding Caterer’ from Restaurant and Catering NSW, our passion for crafting flawless events shines through in every detail.

Our Gold License recognition from Restaurant and Catering NSW is a testament to our impeccable standards and uncompromising dedication to catering excellence leaving an indelible mark on your special occasions.


  • "It was a huge pleasure to work with you and I will absolutely recommend you to any one needing kosher catering.  Delicious, top class."
    Nicki, Bride
  • "Jan and I would like to say thank you very much for the work you and your team put in last Thursday night. The food and the service all night was outstanding and helped make a memorable day even better. We have had nothing but glowing reports from everybody we have spoken to."
    Jan & Robert, Bride & Groom
  • "Our amazing caterer was John Mulligan from L'amour Catering. He allowed us and helped us create our own menu from scratch and our guests were so impressed at the standard of food."
    Nikki & Jeremy, Bride & Groom
  • "We want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did feeding our guests at our wedding.  It was a totally fabulous night filled with deliciousness on every level.  We are ridiculously grateful for your hard work and efforts in making our night so wonderful."
    Amy & Olli, Bride & Groom
  • "Thanks so much for the incredible evening. The feedback about the food, the atmosphere, and the flow of the event has been beyond belief. We could not have asked for anything better, I could never have imagined that everyone would have such an amazing time."
    Andrew, Groom
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John believes that food should follow the seasons and that produce quality and care for ingredients is paramount – sourcing locally wherever possible.


As preferred caterers in a number of Sydney's venues, we can confidently recommend the perfect space for your event. Browse through some of our favourites or get in touch and let us take the reins.


Send us your enquiry or request a quote, we’ll be delighted to review it and get in touch.

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