Wedding Buffet Catering – Everything You Need to Know

Wedding buffet catering is growing in popularity in Sydney and today the modern wedding buffet has evolved into an impressive dining experience.

What Exactly is a Buffet?

Buffet catering at weddings usually involves one, preferably two, long tables with food laid out. Guests are served by staff who are also required to explain the dishes and allocate the correct portions. Two tables is optimal for larger weddings as this spreads out the guests and in larger venues avoids crowding in a single space.

Today wedding buffets can be beautifully presented with amazing combinations that have the ability to wow guests. Modern buffets are an excellent chance to impress guests with menu options outside of the traditional norms while also giving a greater range of choice.

Entrees like soups and salads can be served at the table for guests to snack on while waiting for their meals, or alternately salads can be incorporated into the buffet in a self-service table.

The Pros of a Wedding Buffet

  • Fewer serving staff are required for a buffet wedding reception compared to a plated sit down dinner
  • The greater variety of food choices for guests is helpful for those with dietary restrictions, allergies or just fussy eaters
  • Guests have the chance to meet and mingle while collecting their food
  • Hungrier guests can return for second helpings

The Cons of a Wedding Buffet

  • Due to guests waiting for their turn to go to the buffet table, it can often take longer for guests to get their food
  • Lines may form through bottlenecks
  • Can be a less elegant experience as guests carry their own food
  • Food costs can be higher as people eat more in a buffet dining scenario

Buffets vs Food Stations

Food stations have become an increasingly popular option at wedding receptions as they stay open longer than buffets, often two or three times longer at times. This is preferred by some couples as this gives guests more freedom to eat at their own pace, while food is also broken up across different displays.

Key Differences Wedding Buffet Catering vs Food Stations

Wedding Buffet Food Station
1-2 long tables with food organized in order Multiple tables, food organized by categories
Buffets catering closes in short time frame Food stations remain open
All buffet food pre-prepared & simply served Chefs may prepare dishes to order at stations

Key Considerations of Buffet vs Food Station

More space is required in the reception venue for food stations, which need to be spread out. More chefs may be required at each station if you’re handling made to order dishes. More servers will be required to pick up the empty plates that guests discard everywhere as they taste multiple food options.

On the other hand you can have a more relaxed and free style of eating that’s open longer allowing guests to come and go, between dancing and drinking, to eat as they please. There are greater opportunities for customization with themed food stations, such as country themed stations.

Wedding Buffet Examples from L’amour Catering

L’amour Catering has extensive experience in creating amazing wedding catering creations that are fresh, delicious and beautiful to look at. Here’s a few examples of some recent creations from Head Chef, John Mulligan.



Speak with L’amour Catering today to discuss buffet catering, grazing tables, food stations or any other options for your wedding. We have a wealth of experience in working with couples to create the ideal menu to perfectly suit their needs.


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