Curzon Hall Weddings

Curzon Hall Weddings

Old yet very distinct, the Curzon Hall mansion has lived triumphantly through the decades. This castle-like structure is well known for its 19th-century charms, more particularly its Victorian Italianate style colonnades, sandstone parapets, and semi-circular arches. Even the entry halls are very ornate and the cathedral ceilings are undoubtedly majestic. The hall also has marble fireplaces and dance floors that are sure to captivate your Curzon Hall wedding guests.

Curzon hall has a total of seven very opulent ballrooms that can accommodate seated guests from 30 to 450. The best rooms boast of wrap-around terraces, sweeping staircases, polished parquetry dance floors, and elaborate chandeliers. They also offer a good view of the gardens that features professional landscaping and immersing water features. Such gardens can also be transformed into a venue if you rather want to throw a romantic garden lunch or dinner after the wedding.


Each ballroom can be customised and styled to match the theme of your event. You can add everything from sophisticated centrepieces to unique table décors to achieve the look you wanted. Below is a quick run through of the seven ballrooms of Curzon that are usually booked for weddings.


curzon hall weddings


  1. Sabrina’s View

Sabina’s View comprises half of the Curzon Hall pavilion. This room is pillar-less and has full-length glass walls that give guests a magnificent view of the gardens, pool, and the castle’s beautiful façade. It opens up to a rooftop lawn that gives guests the luxury of being indoors or outdoors whenever they way. Sabrina’s View can accommodate anywhere from 220 to 300 guests.

  1. Sir Phillip Lounge

The other half of the pavilion is the Sir Philip Lounge. This room features floor to ceiling glass walls, damask panels, crystal light fittings, and privacy screens. This lounge that exudes class and style can accommodate 140 to 190 guests.  

  1. Lady Mary’s Pavilion

Lady Mary’s pavilion is the most spectacular room in the Curzon Hall. It has 340 to 450 seating capacity, thus making it the perfect place for grand weddings. It actually combines the Sir Phillip Lounge Ballrooms and Sabrina’s View to accommodate couples expecting a fairly big number of guests.

  1. Agincourt Room

This ballroom that can seat anywhere from 80 to 120 guests is located on the ground floor of the castle. Guests will be enthralled by its highly ornate details such as large arched windows, elegant chandeliers, old fireplaces, and parquetry dance floor, among others.

  1. The Banquet Room

This room is known for its unique architectural features such as high ornate ceilings with magnificent chandeliers. The room used to be chapel so expect an abundance of natural light to fill the room during the day, thus making it ideal for daytime celebrations. Even top-rated TV shows such as Australia’s Next Top Model and Masterchef love using it as their venue. This room can seat 150 to 250 guests.

  1. Curzon Room

Those who want a smaller venue for a more intimate gathering can use the Curzon Room. The room can accommodate a maximum of 60 guests inside its elegant interiors. Aside from the chandeliers and unique architecture, this room includes distinctive furniture such as plush velvet ottomans and ornate mirrors.

  1. Balaclava Room

With a seating capacity of 15 to 30 people, this room is the most elegant place for your most intimate events. It is usually booked for rehearsal dinners and some other fashionable events where high teas, relaxing drinks, and good food are served to guests and delegates.

Curzon Hall Wedding Prices

The rental of the rooms above is subject to a quote because each wedding is unique with its own specific details and requirements. When you book the Curzon Hall for your special day, the wedding package will include the use of your chosen venue along with a personalised wedding coordinator, red carpet arrival, wedding event document planning, a complementary use of the gardens for photos, guest registry book, microphones, setting of place cards, professional wait staff, cutting and serving of cake, and stylish cutlery, among others features.

Depending on which room was chosen, these add-ons may also be included: a fixed parquetry polished dance floor, a bridal waiting room where canapés and refreshments are served, private terrace, and complimentary parking for guests. Professional event styling and design is a value-added feature that you may also want to take advantage of.

Curzon Hall Wedding Ceremony Prices

However, for those who want to hold the actual wedding ceremony in one of Curzon Hall’s three gardens, the pricing is as follows: Enchanted Garden $1200; Garden Chateau $1400; and Eternal Garden $1600. The rates are for an hour, with a half hour ceremony extension costing $550. The rate includes the use of the garden along with 50 white garden chairs, a red carpet for the aisle, a table for registry signing, two white chairs for certificate signing, and a half-hour midweek ceremony rehearsal. The other essentials that are not included in the package fall under the additional services and they have a separate pricing scheme.

The prices for lunch and dinner are different as well, with the rates starting at $115 per head for lunch and $135 per head for dinner. For lunch, the package usually comes with a 4-hour event room rental, 3-course trilogy menu, unlimited beverage package, and other perks. For dinners, the same things are offered but it’s going to be a 5.5-hour event and a 4-course meal instead.

Wedding Catering Options at Curzon Hall

You have the option to include Curzon Hall catering as part of your wedding package or to source your own caterers. L’amour Catering in Sydney are proud partners with Curzon Hall and we are able to provide external catering services of the highest quality. From plated courses, to canapes, grazing stations or any style of catering you’d like at your wedding. We will work with you to create your dream wedding menu, from planning to tasting and the final reveal. Feel free to discuss the options with us today.

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Reviews of Curzon Hall

Most of the couples who have chosen the Curzon Hall as their wedding venue have left phenomenal reviews. They all say that the place looks lovely even without the decorations and pizzazz. And with everything set up, the place simply becomes visually astonishing.

Many brides are also thankful for the perfect wedding day experience that they had, which is not only due to the fact that the venue is gorgeous but also for the efficient services and very delicious food. Even the guests were impressed with how successful the wedding has turned out to be with all possible issues swiftly handled. Everyone is thankful for the smooth execution of last minute changes.

About The Location

Curzon Hall is an iconic heritage castle in Marsfield that is the perfect place for special celebrations, particularly weddings. This very distinct sandstone mansion built in 1899 is currently among the most prestigious function centres in close proximity to Sydney.

Curzon Hall is located at 53 Agincourt Rd and it figures strongly in Marsfield’s leafy residential suburb. Because it’s not too far from the Sydney Central Business District, your guest won’t have any trouble driving to the venue. It’s the perfect location for couples that are looking for a great, intimate, and solemn place to hold their wedding.



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