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For the past 21 years prior to founding L’amour Catering, creative director John Mulligan invested in his skills and experience in the culinary sphere. Working alongside some of the finest chefs and in the top restaurants in Sydney, he was able to establish a new tradition in the food landscape. Today, L’amour Catering is the number one choice for clients in search of Kosher catering services for weddings, mitzvahs, simchas, engagements, and other important occasions.

L’amour Catering is now offering their unique catering services in Melbourne. Contact us to discuss your next event.

John envisioned building L’amour Catering as not just any other catering business. They innovated and put their unique spin to time-honored traditions. He brought his passion and wealth of food knowledge into Kosher catering to establish a new standard of quality.

With a knack for creating new tastes and being inspired by new food trends, John is always innovating. He wants each catering service to reflect the unique styles and preferences of their clientele. This is how he carved out his niche in a saturated Sydney catering market.

Our Kosher Catering Philosophy

John Mulligan and the rest of the L’amour Catering team has dedicated themselves to seeking out fresh and seasonal produce. They use these ingredients as inspiration for their unique menu and culinary offerings. They source all of their ingredients locally, whenever possible.

In addition to bringing fresh and seasonal ingredients, L’amour only works with experienced and highly trained chefs. These chefs bring their culinary genius into every catering service. They provide valuable insights into how each dish can be integrated with a unique culinary spin. This is how L’amour Catering stands out – by delivering dishes that only they can!

As a Kosher caterer, L’amour can develop a menu to fit your unique requirements. The company is Kosher certified and will provide a free consultation to ensure that all of the client specifications are made known beforehand. This attention to detail is paramount to bringing quality culinary service.

Catering for Everything Kosher

While L’amour Catering attracted widespread acclaim for catering weddings, we also provide Kosher catering for various events like engagements, bar mitzvahs, tour groups, Kiddushim, Simchas, charities and other events. The free consultation with our team ensures that each menu is developed specifically for your special event. This makes every celebration extra special because of the great care and attention to detail given to the food, which is at the heart of any celebration (big or small).

L’Amour has developed relationships with many of the country’s top venues meaning you can be inspired by these venues to create the perfect menu for your next big event.

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